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Peony Wedding Bouquets

Coral Peony Wedding Bouquet

The nitty, gritty on Peony Wedding Bouquets

So many brides love Peony Wedding Bouquets…and so many florists!  Peonies are simply perfect in every way. They exude brilliance with their voluptuous size and showcase distinction with their endless petals and intricate bloom structure. The only downfall with the Peony, is its limited availability and short season. The true season of the Australian grown Peony is November and part December. Sometimes October brides can be lucky to get an early harvest of peonies starting in late October, but this is always a florist cross finger promise to those brides.

Peony Wedding Bouquets

Over the years our brides have been lucky to receive imported Peonies during the April-May period. As a florist I was excited by this at first, but I have found this to be a hit or miss with the quality at times. Having found that the Peony can struggle if it looses too much hydration during transit, which can result in a bloom that opens but can flop in 1-2 hours. When using imported peonies they do require professional care and management and inspection by an experienced florist.

Peonies are not the cheapest of flower, but their size provide great value – so I feel they make a great wedding flower choice. I find most brides choose to mix peonies with different flowers, just to give some texture and detail to the flowers uniqueness. The Peony in a bouquet by itself is nice, but to some can look like one big ball off fluffy petals!

Colour wise the Peony offers a great choice, especially for many popular wedding bouquet colour palettes. Available in a white (sometimes they can have a speckle of pink), pale pink, hot pink, black/plum, coral/watermelon.

[box]If you love Peonies, just like we do then be sure to discuss with us how we can make your wedding day just perfect with them. To contact us about your Wedding Day Flowers you can contact us through our online form here, and will receive our Free Wedding Brochure for further inspiration and pricing.[/box]

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