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Interesting Facts About Flowers

Flowers are admired for their beauty and grace, and are often given as a substitute for gifts, often lighting up the lives of people who are unwell. They are a popular decorative choice for weddings, parties, and funerals with symbolic meanings depending on the bloom that you choose for the occasion. Flowers have been on earth for as long as we can remember, and were probably on the planet long before human’s came to be in existence. If you thought you knew everything about flowers read on to find out some interesting facts that you may not have been aware of.


Dandelion flowers and leaves are a source of iron, calcium, potassium and Vitamins A and C, so while the dandelion are often considered to be a weed, they are actually quite good for you. Dandelion tea is an excellent tonic for liver issues, and a great substitute for coffee.

Titan Arum

The world’s largest flower are the Titan Arum, also known as ‘corpse flower’ because the smell of the flowers is believed to smell like decaying flesh. The flowers grow over 10 feet high and 3 feet wide but due to the smell, they are not the sort of flower that you would want to have as wedding flowers Sunshine Coast region, or anywhere near your home for that matter.


The Lotus flower was considered a sacred flower by the ancient Egyptian peoples, and was used in burial rituals as a symbol of eternal life. This is because the flower blooms in rivers and wetlands but can lay dormant during the dry drought season, but rise again when water returns to the weather. Today the lotus seed pods are a unique and popular choice for flower arrangements and are used in craft activities for children and adults alike.

Wedding Flowers Sunshine Coast Region

Planning a wedding is always an exciting time in your life, giving you the opportunity to incorporate blooms that are sacred to your relationship, into the celebration. Choosing symbolic flowers are an interesting way of making your special day unique. Talk to i-blossom about wedding flowers Sunshine Coast region today.

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