Flower Quality Guarantee

We guarantee our Flower Quality on every order, and promise to ensure your satisfaction.

We pride ourselves in the freshness, quality and value of every order. If you feel disappointed with any of our products or service we advise to call our team so we can discuss a suitable solution for all parties ~ 07 5443 1807

If you feel your flowers should be replaced we ask customers to send us a photo or bring the flowers back to us within 48 hours of delivery or pick up to assess the situation. Sometimes flowers may come in and look perfect to us florists, but not show signs of disease until days later when they are at your place. If we can see the flower issue first hand and as early as possible we can contact our flower suppliers to inquire about the poor-quality product.  N.B. this is the same situation for delivered or picked up floral display arrangements.

Both customers and recipients can contact us about quality; feel comfortable knowing that we will deal with the situation professionally and ensure that quality flowers are our promise.

How you can ensure a better life-cycle for your flowers
A number of factors can result in the longevity of flowers being reduced. Air conditioning, extreme heat or changes in climate may have an adverse effect on flowers, whilst it can be hard to avoid these elements we advise not placing them directly near the cause.

Proper Flower Care
Inspect your flower blooms and foliage everyday if you notice some form of yellowing, blemishing or drooping we advise cutting or removing the entire stem, or petal or leaf. Hydrating flowers with a light water mist will help to refresh the blooms.

BouquetsTo ensure the best care of you flowers we recommend removing wraps and ribbons (on bouquets) within a few hours of receiving. Fill a clean vase with a generous amount of water. Cut stems and place immediately in the filled vase. Having a clean vase with fresh water and cutting the flower stems everyday is recommended.

Arrangements ~ All flowers delivered in boxes or pots are arranged in a quality Oasis Foam. Each day we advise topping up the container with water. To monitor how much water to put in start with a half cup and gently pour through the centre of the design. Place your finger into the foam at the side of the pot and it should feel wet, if not place more water in until hydrated.

Using Flower Life Extenders
At i-Blossom we do not use any chemical to extend the life of our flowers. Mixing bleaches, sugar and flower life extenders with vase water is not recommended as all flowers react to different chemicals and PH levels.

We recommend cutting flowers and water changing everyday for best care – it’s old school but it works! We also believe a hygienic container will provide the best atmosphere for your flowers. When cleaning vases we recommend using bleach or a dish-washing detergent, always rinse thoroughly after.