ATTENTION ATTENTION DEAR CUSTOMERS i-Blossom Florist will from today Monday 30th March until further notice, operate a CONTACTLESS delivery system to assist in the prevention of any possible spread of the Covid-19 Virus. Please make sure you provide the contact phone number of the person you wish to send flowers/hampers to so we can advise them of a delivery which will be left at the gate or other area of their premises.................................................................................... PLEASE NOTE i-Blossom flower studio is NOT OPEN FOR ORDERS OR DELIVERIES on SATURDAY's. IF WE RECEIVE AN ORDER FOR DELIVERY ON A SATURDAY OR SUNDAY WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FULL FILL IT.

Bli Bli

Bli Bli Flower Delivery

Send Flowers to Bli Bli: Gift Hampers, Wedding Bouquets & Floral Arrangements

Wherever you may be located on the glorious Sunshine Coast, i-Blossom is here to provide you with an efficient, reliable floral delivery service at the click of a button. You can order roses online for a loved one, find a suitable floral arrangement for a dear friend or close business associate, and even send an imaginative tailor-made hamper to someone by going to our website or calling us. Nothing could be more simple, and we try to provide a same-day delivery service on weekdays to nearby towns such as Bli Bli.

“Carnations? Oh, what a beautiful flower. They come in every colour. True, some are painted, but that doesn’t mean they are less beautiful, and they never wilt.”

Ruth McLeod-Kearns

Flowers deliver powerful messages of joy, love, concern, sympathy and encouragement. Individual flowers have separate meanings: we all know that roses are for love, but what about carnations? They signify pride and beauty, while hydrangeas represent gratitude. Colours also play an important part of every message too, with red for love and white for purity and innocence. Flowers have an original language of their own, and the advice of the professional i-Blossom florists can help you to make sure that the right message is delivered in every way.

“It's all a series of serendipities with no beginnings and no ends. Such infinitesimal possibilities Through which love transcends.”

Ana Claudia Antunes

And for those very special occasions, from a wedding to the birth of a child? How better than to say it with a glorious arrangement of beautiful flowers, in bold, brilliant colours that will brighten any church, home or hospital room! Cheerful, vivid hues will enliven the spirit and add to a whole family’s joy. Extra special wedding bouquets will be designed and made up to your personal requirements, so that they can match your dress or the décor of the venue — however you visualise things. The expert team at i-Blossom have more than a decade of professional experience. We handle every request, from the sublime to the bizarre, to the best of our abilities. Pitch us your idea and we will work with it and arrange delivery on time and in good order. We are affordable too.

Contact us right now, or drop by our shop when you’re passing. It’s at 114 Aerodrome Road, Maroochydore. We very much look forward to serving you.

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