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Our roses beat the Heat this Valentine’s Day!

Roses Sunshine Coast

Don’t fear the heat wave, we’ve got our roses all under climate control…

It is going to be a hot Valentine’s Day literally a heat wave! Check it out @higginstormschaser

Luckily our team has taken some extra steps to ensure our roses stand up to the heat this Valentines Day (Tuesday 14th Feb in case you were wondering).

How our roses stand up to the heat…

Valentines Florist Sunshine Coast

1. All bar one of our rose only orders will be designed into vases or bouquets to ensure additional water supply during hot days.
2. All our roses are sourced from a premium quality grower, they are farmed in hot climates so they can handle our nasty climate.
3. Our roses are really good quality meaning they have sturdy, thick stems and magnificent sized blooms.
4. We add extra support to our rose stems with a florist wire to ensure the flower head doesn’t droop – this is done elegantly.
5. We have additional couriers who take smaller delivery runs to ensure our flowers are not sitting in vans all day.
6. Our couriers vehicles all have air conditioning.
7. We hand deliver directly to the recipient where possible, if they are not home and it is too hot to leave waiting we won’t!

Here are some extra florist tips to help you get the most out of your flowers this Valentine’s Day…

1. Keep them in a cool, well ventilated room where possible.

Seasonal Flower Sunshine Coast Delivery

2. Don’t display them near a sunny window…ouch!
3. Freshen their water daily, cold water is nice too.
4. Cut their stems daily about 1cm and place straight back into clean, fresh water.
5. Spray there heads with some water daily or a few times through the day if you can.
6. If they are really dehydrated after a day of you being at work and them in the house locked up, try all of the above and if they fit pop them into the fridge for an hour or two.
7. Roses can also be dried by hanging them upside down, they will lose their colour but they have a charm about them.

It is our quality promise!

Remember if you receive i-Blossom Roses this Valentine’s Day and feel you have provided your roses the best of care and they haven’t lasted well, please send us a pic and your phone number we will happily arrange a replacement for you.

Want a Sunshine Coast Flower Delivery this Valentine’s Day? ~ find out where we deliver here

Want to find our Sunshine Coast florist shop to pick up flowers this Valentine’s Day? We are located at 114 Aerodrome Road, Maroochydore (up the road from Sunshine Plaza or near Aldi) We are open this Saturday and Sunday till 2pm

Order roses & flowers online or call our friendly team on 07 5443 1807
Happy Valentine’s Day from the i-Blossom Crew!

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