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i-Blossom Florist Maroochydore

Boutique Florist Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast

If you’re in the Maroochydore area, visiting the iBlossom boutique is a must. Our fragrant, locally sourced flowers are pleasing to all senses, and perfume-infused candles add warmth and vigour to the atmosphere. Browse our designer arrangements for inspiration for your upcoming event. Engagement party? New parents? Anniversary? Corporate event? And the big one: your dream wedding? Our designers can work with you to create floral arrangements that align with your tastes, and say what you want them to say.

Flower Arranging

Distinctive, contemporary and cutting edge, our arrangements are pieced together with thoughtful and creative flair. Have a look at some of our designs here.

Unique Gifts and Baskets

We have a gift basket for everyone. Flowers? Champagne? Chocolate? Perfume? Fruit? Tea? These are just some of our baskets’ components. Browse our range here.

Our Stylists

Our stylists are creative, tasteful and passionate about designing arrangements that invoke emotion and stimulate the senses. With decades of quality experience in the industry, they boast an extensive career portfolio. Being awarded in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 in the Interflora ‘Florist of the Year’ state championships speaks clearly of our stylists’ ever-growing passion, commitment and skill in designer floristry.

Our Mission

We want, more than anything, to create for our clients premium arrangements using fresh and locally sourced flowers. We want to supply our clients with a delightful range of choices in quality and unique gifts and gift baskets. We endeavour to do this every day, and what sustains this passion is our delight in surprising, impressing and pleasing you and your loved ones with our original creations.

Where to Find i-Blossom

Visit our recently relocated store to talk with our passionate staff about your upcoming event, or simply be refreshed by our unique, sensory floral arrangements. iBlossom is, we believe, a Maroochydore florist that inspires.


114 Aerodrome Road, Maroochydore

Sunshine Coast QLD 4558


Our trading hours are as follow:


SATURDAY 8:30AM – 2:00PM

SUNDAY – closed (except Mother’s Day)

We are Closed on Public Holidays, and Local Show Holidays


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Gift Baskets Sunshine Coast – iBlossom has just the one

iBlossom has just the gift basket you need! Have a look at some of the baskets we have on offer, below.

Gift Baskets For Her

We think any woman would appreciate the sparkling, sweetly scented Hibiscus Cranberry Pamper Love Gift Set. What a fabulous way to say ‘I love you’!

The Booster is for health devotees, or perhaps someone who’d like to become a health nut! It’s healthy, and it’s delicious, and it’s the perfect way to say ‘Get Well Soon’ or kick-start someone’s wellness journey.

Gift Baskets For Him

Spoil him with the Corona Beer & Snack Hamper. What a great way to greet summer! (Sometimes I think we’re lucky to have summer Christmas’!)

Perfect for the young at heart, the My Favourite gift basket sure hits the sweet spot.

Sweet Gift Baskets

The Tower of Candy & Roses gift basket is as quirky as it is impressive. Featuring a tower of premier roses, it’s bound to knock over anyone with a sweet tooth.

Ideal for honeymoons, engagements and anniversaries, Sweet Bubbles is the perfect thing to give to couples you think deserve a little delicious indulgence.

Wine & Beer Gift Baskets

Moet Surprise, anyone? Celebrate in style with a bottle of Moet, non-vintage Brut and gourmet chocolates from Chocolatier. Presented beautifully – which things things that little bit easier for you!

Some more summer loving with the Beer & Nibbles Hamper. Fantastic for his birthday, a thank you, Christmas and Father’s Day.

Fruit Baskets

There are plenty of sweet things about the Fruit, Wine, Chocolate Basket. Featuring premium, seasonal produce and Australian wine, what’s not to love?

The utterly charming Fruit & Tea Hamper is a lovely way of saying ‘congratulations’, ‘thank you’, ‘get well’, or simply ‘I adore you’.

The Fruit & Cheese Platter is sure to bring colour and flavour to any kind of celebration.

Gift Baskets Sunshine Coast – The Entire Range

We have many more gift baskets available, and there is bound to be a basket perfect for who you have in mind! Have a look at the entire offering here.

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Support your Local Florist like it’s your State of Origin team!

As I sit in my Townsville motel room watching the 2nd State of Origin Game, I am mentally reflecting on my weekend guest speaking presentation to Interflora Florists in Townsville and surrounding the areas.  My presentation was about educating and informing local florists about the importance of being online, quality customer service and clever floral merchandising.  Throughout my presentation I kept hearing the worry of every florist owner talk about the economic demise of the floral and retail industry.  As a small business owner of a Sunshine Coast Florist I do have the same fears, and question the direction of how different the industry will be in 1 or 10 years time.  So I thought I would write this little story with my State of Origin anecdotes, to let you the customer understand just one of the big challenges faced by florist shops around the world.

I wonder to myself if only our businesses were a QLD State of Origin Team (or even a NSW Team), the support from our fans would be undying and we could continue to provide enjoyment for years to come. Now let me explain a little further.  The State of Origin wouldn’t exist if it had no fans, if the stadiums were empty every game the entire concept would be a failure, much like a small business without customers.  The 80 minutes of joy (if your team is winning) those players provide their fans, is similar to the joy of a florist delivering you a surprise bouquet of flowers on your birthday or anniversary.  Both are only successful because of its following, fan base or customers.

Then there is the spoiler alert, say a Labor Government balloting for a new leader trying to steal the glory of a good State of Origin Game.  Really no one cares, but we all flick the TV over just to find out if Julia beat Ruddy.  This is where the Floral Industry is hurting; with fans flicking over to using an online ‘supposed’ florist rather than supporting the local team. Let me explain even further. You might want to find your local florist online to order a bunch of flowers because it is convenient and quick.  Stumped by what your local florist is actually called, you decide to type into Google what service you are after, say ‘Florist in Maroochydore’ here you are bombarded with way too many choices and didn’t realise Maroochydore had so many Florist Shops. Well they don’t, I can confirm there are only 3 local florists in Maroochydore, and then the rest on Google are online floral order gatherers.

An online order gatherer is a clever business model where some IT Guru or Advertising Company has set up a florist website for consumers to place an order on their website.  This company then relies on a local florist to make the actual order and will ring, fax or email a local florist to make the flower order with a 25-35% commission taken off the total value of the customer’s order.

A 25-35% commission makes a big difference to a flower arrangement once your start spending in excess of $50 or more. A lot of customers think they will get the full value of the flower order if they order on this type of website.  Definitely not, as the local florist will receive the order at the reduced amount and generally not told the full value of the order. It is deceptive just like politics, but really just unfair for the customer.

Next time you need to order flowers think about supporting your ‘Real’ local Florist rather than these online floral order gatherers.  It makes perfect sense to support your local florist clearly for the value for money, honesty and integrity. But don’t forget the real joy, excitement and emotion that your local florist will always strive to achieve for a fan!

Help to spread the word, and feel free to share my little story about us local florists.  We appreciate your support and hope you can find us online in Google Places or your local online directory. Remember your support will help to improve the industry with better quality product and better value for consumers.

Jill.S. Florist, Owner & Blogger xx

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My Top 5 Favourite Winter Flowers – Sunshine Coast Florist

Tulips Sunshine Coast Delivery

Winter really is a special time of year for us florists.  We are blessed with some of the most amazing flowers that really do bring a smile to my face, and a lot of our customers too.  To celebrate the arrival of Winter I have put together my Top 5 list of favourite Winter Flowers, and some advice about these particular blossoms.

Pictured throughout are some of our inspiring Winter Flower Designs exclusively designed by our Sunshine Coast Florist team.  All products are now available on our website or instore. All our flowers are available for delivery on the Sunshine Coast from Monday to Saturday (for a short time only though)!! Please feel free to ring us on 07 5443 1807 if you would like to order too!

Favourite Flower No.1

Probably my most favourite of the Winter Flowers would be the Earli Cheer Narcissus, I love them for their amazing fragrance and cute, ruffle appearance.  Earli Cheers look absolutely fabulous placed in a little jar or crystal vase beside your bed.  As they use most of their energy producing such a heavenly fragrance, they tend to last about 4-5 days only (but for around $10-12 a bunch they don’t break the bank account).

Tulips Sunshine Coast Delivery
Tulips Sunshine Coast Delivery

Favourite Flower No.2

My second favourite would be the Tulip, but more so the Double Tulip.  The double Tulip is so exquisite in shape and design I love how the layering of petals never seem to end.  Available in an endless array of colours they are perfect for brightening someone’s day or a stylish wedding bouquet.  Not many people believe me when I tell them that Tulips will continue to grow in a vase once they receive them.  This is called Phototrophic.  They also like to follow the light so at night they might curve towards your kitchen table and by midday stand up tall.  They very much have a mind of their own, if you don’t particularly like the free form look that they desire you can place them in a straight vase, with about 2/3 of the stems inside the vase, cut each day and this will tame them upright.

Tempting Abundance in a Vase from $110.00 >> Click to Order

Favourite Flower No.3

Number three-winter flower favourite would be Stock’s. What I love about these is we have a local grower who supplies the most amazing, tall and fragrant Stock’s I have ever seen.  Stocks are pretty special, they last well at least a week, and they just look great from the moment you get them (you aren’t waiting days for buds to open).

Favourite Flower No.4

Ornamental Kale is another beauty. I love when customers walk into our store and say “What are they?” My reply is “Ornamental Kale, that’s right Kale or Cabbage” and sure enough 99% of the time the response is “can I eat it?” To which I reply “after you pay $7 for the stem you can do whatever you like with it” (no, not really, I don’t recommend eating these I think this is why we use the word Ornamental!) A great long-lasting flower, but you need to change the water daily, it can get a little cabbage scented inside the vase.  I suggest a half-capful of bleach in the vase to help with the water, but be careful too much bleach will cause yellowing of the flower.

Favourite Flower No.5

My lucky last favourite would be the Cymbidium Orchid, and again we have another local grower who supplies us these weekly.  I actually had these in my wedding bouquet, so whenever I look at them I just smile.  Cymbidium Orchids come in a long stem filled with a mass of blooms.  Most people don’t want to buy a whole stem as they can vary from $45-70 per stem, so us tricky florists have water vials that we place individual blooms into and design them into mixed bouquets or lush foliage.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Winter Flowers and I hope at least one of them puts a smile on your face this Winter!

Jill.S. Florist, Owner, Blogger

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Vintage Weddings – Sunshine Coast Wedding Florist

It seems like every wedding magazine or website is all about vintage weddings.  This quirky style has caught the Australian bridal industry by storm and it shows no sign of ending soon.  So what is vintage?  Let me check…now where is that dictionary? As I rustle amongst my bookshelf and blow the dust off my discoloured old school dictionary I realise my answer is right in front of me…OLD.

What I love about a vintage wedding is it lets couples relive a part of history dating back generations.  As you scour through your parents and grandparents belongings to see what you can incorporate into your wedding styling. Fear not, if your family had really bad taste or sold it years ago at a garage sale you can find some great quality vintage wedding suppliers around the Coast.

Lastly, I do dread the day I go to my grandkids wedding and ‘their era’ of vintage has revisited. I can only imagine the Groom wearing fluoro socks and a Hypercolour tie, the bride holding an artificial wedding bouquet, and a spot of grip ball and mouse trap for entertainment…aaargh.

We hope you enjoy our little snippet of Vintage Wedding Love by i-Blossom – Some hire items featured are available from the below stockists.  All flowers styled by i-Blossom Sunshine Coast Wedding Florist.  Please call or email us for hire information of particular items featured.

Jill.S. owner, florist & blogger xx


Splash Events

Mask Events
5438 8773

CL Weddings & Events
0406 998 035

Lovebird Weddings
0421 384 429

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Thanks for the Last 5 Years – Sunshine Coast Florist

It’s hard to believe that i-Blossom has been up and running for 5 years!  Seriously…where has the time gone?  I remember the day we opened up our florist shop on Ocean Street in Maroochydore, I was so nervous. We had a sausage sizzle all fired up, flowers galore and I was smiling from ear to ear awaiting locals to pop in and say hi.  Oh the memories.

Our fantastic shop on Ocean Street was a great place. We were located opposite Bica Café and next to the stylish wedding dress shop Eve Boutique.  It was a great little neighbourhood, and I got to meet some great people along the way. But unfortunately as time went on we just knew the shop wasn’t in the right location for a new, start-up Sunshine Coast florist. We had to move our business into a busier part of town. So in April 2010 we decided to enter the ‘vintage’ style shopping centre “Big Top” in Maroochydore.

Some people were flawed that we moved into the ‘run down’ Big Top shopping centre, however since our move we haven’t looked back.  Customers commented that they could find parking, it was more convenient, easier access for disabled clients etc etc.  Now with the Big Top looking at undergoing a refurbishment sometime in the near future, I really am undecided whether we will stay in the new-look Big Top Fresh or move onto a different location on the Sunshine Coast.  Currently I am faced with too many options, so lets say we are waiting to see what the future holds…but planning some great concepts for a potential change.

Over the years my staff and I have grown i-Blossom into a busy little Sunshine Coast florist business.  Six days a week we trade, delivering flowers, unique gifts, and hampers to people all over the Sunshine Coast.  Most weekends we are creating wedding bouquets for Brides on the Sunshine Coast, and sometimes delivering Wedding flowers as far as Brisbane or Caboolture.  We have been lucky enough to work on prestigious events like Wishlist Spring Carnival Gala and Oro Diamond Luncheon. And through all this I have met some amazing people, who I think could do with a mention.

Ron Atkinson (an amazing gentleman) who I met back when I first opened, he introduced me to The Sunshine Coast Health Foundation a great Sunshine Coast charity who we love to help as much as possible – Ron is no longer with us but I will always remember this truly great man xx

The amazing ladies at the Sunshine Coast Health Foundation, all the Lisa’s (past and present), and Toni who do such amazing work for Sunshine Coast Hospital’s.

Sunshine Coast Health Foundation ambassadors like Carly Brial @ Chancellor Park BOQ, Di Olsen from My Weekly Preview, Nikki Parkinson from Styling You, & Caroline Hutchinson from Mix FM – all amazing women who I find all very inspirational.

So many customers who I met when I first opened and still shop with me today (I probably have missed so many people, but here we go): Mave, Dianne & Jim, Lisa & Kishan @ DeJavu Cafe, Janine @ IVF Sunshine Coast, Dr Bird, Bernadette @ Family Law, Love & Partners Accountants, Kristy @ A Look Photography, Brad @ Guide Financial, Lynn from Westpac, Catie, and all our online customers who I won’t mention due to privacy – thanks heaps for your continued support over the last 5 years.

All the Sunshine Coast wedding stylists who I have met and worked with along the way: Mask Events, Splash Events, Cloud Nine Weddings, Beedazzled Events, CL Weddings & Events, First Class Functions. It has been a pleasure to work with you to create such amazing Weddings for our clients.

All the Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographers who astound me away with their creativity and love for everything weddings. They have been so wonderful to supply quality images over the years to help us showcase our Wedding Flowers to new clients.  A Look Photography, Calli B Photography, Foto Flair, Lindy Photography, Focus Films, Adore Photography, Photography by Bambi, Andrea Sproxton Photography, Jennifer Oliphant, Tara Lee Photography, Karen Buckle Photography, Jodi McDonald Photography.  There are so many more of you and I hope we can continue to meet with you all over the next 5 years!!

A Big Thank you to every other Wedding supplier, Business Associate, or Customer who I have met over the last five years – thank you so much!!

And lastly, to all my amazing staff past and present, I could not have done any of this without your hard work, dedication, and loyalty.  But a special big thank you to my wallpaper girls Nicole, Julie-Anne and Michelle.

Well I hope in the next 5 years my list will be even longer, and hopefully I can copy this post and just add to it!!! hehe

Jill.S – florist, owner & blogger xx


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Free Wedding Flower Magazine, New Wedding Galleries and more!!

Over the last few months we have been busy giving our Wedding Flower Department an administration makeover! Our team is always trying to improve our wedding services for new clients, to try and make the wedding flower planning process a little bit easier.

I am so excited to bring you our first edition of our FREE online Wedding Flower Magazine.  Our magazine is filled with informative stories about flower’s and their meanings, a thorough wedding flower availability for Queensland Brides, a Wedding Bouquet style guide and much more! We will be bringing out a next edition in September, so look out for it.

Our website has been a nagging issue for me since we opened 5 years ago!  I’ve always known that everyone loves a website that is up-to-date, fresh and full of useful information.  Always being busy with the daily demands looking after customers, and the running of our busy Maroochydore floral studio I admit the wedding flower section of our website has always taken back seat.  So it required me to fall pregnant and go on part-time Maternity leave to get the ball rolling with a revamped Wedding section.  I am excited to say we now have a What’s Trending in Weddings Gallery, Pinterest enabled on our flower galleries, an online booking calendar for FREE wedding consultations and 2013 Wedding Flower Pricing.  Not too mention we are continually updating our online wedding sections daily, so hopefully you can find the perfect wedding flower right here on our website.

Due to the high number of requests we have now expanded our wedding flower services outside the Sunshine Coast. We are now able to service Brisbane, Caboolture, Bribie Island and Cooroy, offering a wedding flower delivery service and venue styling team to all these locations.  This has been possible with an expansion of our team of one additional florist ‘Amanda’ and our own personalised courier service.

Lastly, our wedding flower quotation process has been streamlined so we can reply to Brides within 48 hours of their enquiry!  The layout is clean, easy to read and broken down for couples needing to work to a budget. It’s fabulous!!!!!

I hope all our improvements make selecting your wedding flowers a much easier process.  However if you are ever in doubt about Wedding flowers, I suggest giving us a call on 07 5443 1807 or emailing us at [email protected]

Jill.S – florist, owner & blogger



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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now a Florist Blog…

You would think owning a Florist shop would be about making pretty flowers all day, right.  Wrong.  With the growth of our Online Flower Sales, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Fans and now Pinterest, I now have to find a small part of every day to devote to our customers and fans to showcase our products and services through these online mediums. I admit this online marketing is hard work for a small business owner, and my staff and I try to post daily or weekly exciting bits of information about our flowers, staff and anything else we think you (the customer) would be interested in.

For some crazy reason I have now decided to venture i-blossom into the world of Blogging, obviously all the other online marketing stuff isn’t keeping me busy enough…haha!  However, there is method in my madness so let me explain.  Over the past few month’s I have caught myself out regularly reading online Blogs, or searching for things on the Internet which has resulted in me reading a Blog to find the answer.  With our website having this functionality already, I thought to myself I should be harnessing the power of this great gossiping tool to reach out to my existing and new clients with a Florist Blog.

Therefore, after reading a bit about how to Blog, I have decided to leap into this exciting new venture for our little florist shop.  I hope to spark your attention with wonderful, fresh and fun stories about our shop’s products, services and customers. If you have some great story or ideas for our Florist Blog please feel free to email us I would love to hear your feedback.  For those of you interested in following our exciting new florist blog diary I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I promise!!

Jill.S – florist, owner & blogger

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White Wedding Bouquets

White Wedding Bouquets

White Wedding Bouquets ~ Is White the New Black?

Last weekend we were inundated with all White Wedding Bouquets in our Sunshine Coast Florist boutique. This is slightly unusual for Springtime weddings, as many brides like to inject some colour through their wedding bouquets at this time of year.  So I ask you when it comes to Wedding Bouquet colour choice is White the New Black? Are more Brides opting for a timeless, clean colour palette for their wedding bouquet?

If you are seeking a cream or white wedding bouquet for your wedding, perhaps we can inspire you with some of our beautiful bouquets from past Sunshine Coast weddings. If we can assist you with creating a gorgeous white wedding bouquet or breath-taking wedding day florals, than be sure to contact us for a complimentary quotation ~ Ph 07 5443 1807 or enquire online