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How to Choose Flowers for Your Wedding

Beautiful flowers are an essential part of any wedding. Flowers add romance, whimsy and sometimes gorgeous scents to a wedding day. Flower choice is an important decision. After all they need to be ‘just right’ So, how do you choose the right flowers for your special day?

A Good Florist will have Invaluable Advice

A good florist will offer you advice on the best choice for your wedding. They will take into account the theme and style of your wedding and your specific tastes. Your florist will let you know what flowers are in season and of course work within your budget. I-Blossom has many years of experience in creating wedding flowers, so don’t hesitate to ask lots of questions. Your flowers need to be a perfect reflection of your day so take all the time you need to decide on floral arrangements.

Less is More

Flowers should complement, not overtake, your wedding. Your dresses and décor should be the main feature with flowers adding a rich splash of colour to the effect. Think about quality over quantity.

Research, Research, Research

Check out as many bridal magazines and wedding flower websites as you can. Even gardening books can be helpful. You need to get a clear image of what you want and then convey it to your florist. It is important that your florist catches your vision. There are classic wedding flowers like roses, peony, orchids and lily of the valley, but don’t let  tradition hem you in. Different flowers have different meanings too and you might like to consider these in your choices.

The All Important Budget

As any bride-to-be knows it is all too easy to blow the wedding budget. Set a budget for your flowers and stick to it. Make sure your florist is aware of what you want to spend on flowers. A professional florist will be careful to work within your limits. It may be best to check out prices online first. Try to set your budget before you visit the florist and get carried away by all those beautiful flowers. You can use expensive flowers even if you are on a tight budget – just use them sparingly. All flowers are beautiful and with a bit of creativity your florist will be able to work within your budget.

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Say Merry Christmas with Flowers

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas… What do you get for Christmas for a person that has everything? Or someone who you want to give something, but that you wouldn’t necessarily buy presents for? Flowers are a great option to light up their Christmas with fun and love.

One of the challenging things about organising Christmas is in working out what you can get for loved ones to let them know you are thinking of them – without overdoing it. More and more so, life is becoming about the experiences that we have, and less and less about the things that we have in our lives. Receiving flowers puts a smile on anyone’s face, and the joy lasts and lasts with the flowers in their home greeting them every time they look at them.

Flowers Brighten a Room

Did you know that everything in the physical world has a vibration? The highest vibration that a human being can experience is joy, and all the ‘things’ in the world have their own vibration somewhere on the vibrational scale. Did you know that flowers have one of the highest vibrations than any other thing? This is why people always bring flowers to people in hospitals – it’s not just because they look nice, it’s because they really do lift the spirits and brighten the feeling in a room.

Choose Your Own Blooms

You can choose your own blooms according to the person who you want to give them to, and tailor the bunch for your special friend or loved one. There is a flower for every occasion, and a bloom to suit any mood, so ask your florist what they would recommend to suit your needs.

Unique Bouquets

Having a florist make you up a special bunch says a lot more than just grabbing one off the counter at your local supermarket, with unique blooms that become the centrepiece of any room. Ask i-blossom for ideas about what they would recommend in your special bunch, or check out their selection of unique gift baskets today.

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Peony Wedding Flowers ~ Sunshine Coast Wedding Florist

Pretty Pink Wedding Flower Table Centres

Peony Wedding Flowers meets glamorous Sunshine Coast Wedding Venue

Peony Wedding Flowers Sunshine Coast

There is nothing more exciting than a chic wedding venue, teamed up with gorgeous Peony Wedding Flowers. Today’s wedding feature is at the luxurious and über cool, The Lakehouse. Located in the hub of Brightwater – Mountain Creek,  positioned perfectly on the lakeside with a quiet and ambient surround. Every time I walk into this place I just feel a sense of style, it is fitted with unique and stylish décor, embracing a subtle colour palette and retro fitted lights! The staff are always so lovely and accommodating when I go in, so I can only imagine how nice they are with their clients.

Our wedding clients on this occasion were Lanie and Sam. Lanie was a mega, cool chick with great style, and a really good direction of what she wanted with her flowers… and Sam I don’t think we ever got the pleasure to meet 🙁 When Lanie came to us, her biggest stipulation was that her bouquet had to be the same as the bridesmaid’s bouquets. No problem! The bouquets were all pale pink peonies, tightly clustered in a round classic hand held bouquet. I think Lanie was delighted that we were fine with this wedding bouquet option, we didn’t try to talk her into having a big bouquet for her, we just accepted that was what she wanted and from there the ideas blossomed!

The table centres were stylish lowset glass cylinders provided by us. Each vase was lined with a leaf strapping and filled with pale pink Clustar Roses, white Hydrangea and pale pink Peonies. I think the picture speaks for itself they were just delicious looking!

Then we moved onto the bridal table, with a simple setting of four globe vases for the girls to pop their flowers into. But above them was a striking feature of fresh pink and white blossom garland, which was entwined onto the retro fitted lights.

Other little wedding flower touches included a single pale pink peony for her gorgeous wedding cake (not sure who made this, but wow) if anyone knows please comment and I will add a link in this post for you. Single stem hydrangeas for her DIY candy buffet – again was so delicious looking and I had to show some restraint whilst setting up.

I really enjoyed this wedding, it just exuded elegance, style and romance. From what I gather Lanie loved her wedding flowers too, in fact she emailed us photos I think three days after her wedding (that’s a record for me, so nice work Lanie).

Peony Wedding Flowers ~ Hot tips for Sunshine Coast brides

Peonies are available in November and part way through December. The use of our free hire vases meant Lanie and Sam could spend more on flowers to achieve their desired table centre. Using the bridal bouquets on the bridal table to decorate allowed Lanie to allocate her budget to the bespoke chandelier flower garland, giving her guests something to ooh and aah over through the night.You can also pop over to our Blog post all about Peony Wedding Flowers, to learn a little bit more about this amazing flower.

[box]If we can help create your dream wedding flowers please call us today on 07 5443 1807 or send us an online enquiry.[/box]

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Gifts for Him

We all know that women love flowers and little sweet something’s that let us know that someone thinks we are special. Flowers and gifts are often sent to women, but we forget that our men sometimes need a little pick-me-up too. But what do you get for the man who has everything? Check out the range of gifts for men that are now available at iblossom.

Cactus Globe and Terrarium

Whether you are looking for a gift for the home or office, a Cactus Globe or Cactus Terrarium are sure to put a smile on your man’s face. These are a great gift for men to keep on their desk at work, or their table at home, and will add a little bit of colour and life to any room.

Balloon Bouquet

A birthday card is definitely adequate for showing your man some love on his birthday, but colourful balloons are just bursting with joy. Men might not be huge fans of getting a big bunch of flowers on their birthday, but a balloon bouquet is sure to make their day a special one! These are available in a range of colours and for many different events – making a perfect accompaniment to a hamper, or on their own.

Romance for Him

This gift pack includes a romantic long stem rose, with a six pack of Becks beer, for the simple ‘I love you’ that your man needs to hear every now and then.

Bloke Hampers

A bloke hamper is sure to make any man’s day, and come in an array of different styles and contents. The Beer and Nibbles hamper is filled with two Premium stubbies, Pepperoni sticks, Beef Jerky, Beer Nuts and makes a great gift for Father’s Day, Christmas or his birthday. There is also a Corona Beer and Snack Hamper complete with Coronas and Limes, Bum Hummer pickles, Beef Jerky and other nibbles.

Fruit and Nut, or Fruit and Wine Hampers

The Fruit and Nut Hampers are a great choice for any man, with delicious fresh fruit and nuts for him to nibble on when he is watching the footy. A fruit and wine hamper is great for picnics, and lazy afternoons relaxing by the pool.

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Gifts to Take to the Hospital

Going to visit a friend or loved one at the hospital can inspire any number of different emotions, depending on why you are there. No matter what reason they are in there, it is guaranteed that a visit from you is going to really make their day. There are many different gifts that you could bring them depending on why they are there – here are some ideas.

Gift Basket

Whether your friend or loved one is sick or has recently given birth, a gift basket is sure to make them feel extra special, and give them something to look at/do while they are in there – because let’s face it, hospitals are usually pretty stark places. If you really don’t have time to be organising the gift basket yourself, check out the wonderful array of different i-blossom gift baskets sunshine coast.

Books and Magazines

One thing that will really cheer them up is to take them some books or magazines about whatever they are interested in. If they have a favourite author the latest title will be sure to please. Often when you are sitting around waiting for time to roll by in a hospital, a book or magazine is the thing that will help you to take your mind off the experience as the imagination has the opportunity to soar.


Did you ever wonder why so many people traditionally give and receive flowers for every occasion, all year around? It’s because flowers can really lift a person’s energy field. Not only are flower’s beautiful to look at, but their natural vibration is excellent for the immune system, and will make everyone near them feel better. They may not know why they are feeling better but it is a fact that flowers are actually good for you.

Balloon Bouquet

A balloon bouquet is one of the most gorgeous and fun ways to give someone a lift! Imagine that you are laying in a hospital bed, and are not feeling the best, and then you spy a balloon bouquet weaving its way through the place. Imagine your excitement and joy when you realise that it is coming to you!

Fresh Fruit and Chocolate Hamper

Let’s face it, at least 95% of people love chocolate, don’t they? So gifting chocolate to someone is like giving them a cheeky little treat for later (that they can either share with you or save for when they are alone). Now imagine giving them a fresh fruit and chocolate hamper for them to enjoy at their own pace? Yes! What a treat! Fresh fruit is sometimes (surprisingly) a rare thing to find in a hospital, so take your own. Your loved one will thank you for it when they are biting into a juicy piece of fresh fruit delivered to them.

Hand-made Gifts

No matter who you are a hand-made gift is such a treat to receive – especially if it is made by someone you know. Help the kids (if you have them) to make a hand-made gift to take to the hospital. Whether it is food, a drawing/painting/writing or some other object of affection, it will be sure to make smiles for miles for whoever receives it!

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Why Choose Maroochydore for Your Wedding?


Imagine the gentle sound of the rolling waves nearby, family and friends on the beach awaiting you, beautiful flowers basking in the sun’s rays, and as you begin to step down the aisle you meet eyes with the man of your dreams. What could be more wonderful than a wedding in Maroochydore for you and your man? Word seems to have caught on as more and more people are choosing to have their wedding in lovely Maroochydore, where the sand meets the surf, and here’s why…

World Class Venues

As the urban centre of the Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore is your one stop shop for everything, including some of the world’s finest reception venues. Whether you are looking for something casual, or are opting for something a little bit high class, Maroochydore has wedding venues to suit any size wedding. Because you are right there in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, you don’t need to worry about not being able to find those little last minute things that you need if something goes pear shaped on the big day either!

Gorgeous Photos

With the combination of sun, surf, and the foreshore, having your wedding in Maroochydore means that you have more opportunities for taking gorgeous photos of you and your beau. Rather than having photos all in the one area, you can mix it up and have different backgrounds for wedding photos with a difference.

Waterfront Locations

How about a sparkling ocean to match the sparkles in your eyes? Covering a huge area of the Sunshine Coast shoreline, Maroochydore has a huge number of different waterfront locations to choose from, so whether you are thinking about a beach wedding, or simply want to be beside the ocean, it’s a great place for a white wedding.

Experienced Wedding Florists

As one of the most popular wedding destinations in Queensland, Maroochydore is the place to find experienced florists who know how to make wedding bouquets that really have that wow factor. Check out the iblossom wedding gallery here for ideas about what you are looking for, and phone us today to discuss how we can help you create your dream wedding.


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5 of the Most Awesome Wedding Gift Ideas

For some people, the choosing of that perfect wedding gift can prove to be a confusing experience which may leave them feeling bewildered and wondering if they have made the right decision. It’s important to remember that your presence at the wedding is the real present to your loved one, so whatever you finally decide to give them as a gift is sure to be received with love and gratitude. Here are 5 of the most awesome, unique wedding gift ideas for that couple that has everything:

Gift Baskets

For the couple that has everything, the gift that will really inspire and delight them is a gift basket filled with tasty delights for them to discover and share together as they embark on the biggest adventure of their lives. A Sunshine Coast gift basket is filled with produce from the local area with the addition of some tasty morsels from across the country – creating an opportunity for the couple of relax and explore a world of flavour. There are many different selections to choose from, so you will be able to tailor your gift basket to your favourite couple’s tastes, and are delivered across the Sunshine Coast, so it will be the easiest wedding gift you have ever bought!


What better way to say ‘I love you’ to your favourite newlyweds than to help them with decorating their new home. The Sunshine Coast is home to many fine artists who paint a myriad of different styles so you are sure to find something that will be perfect for your loved one among the many beautiful pieces of art available. If you are an artist yourself then its even better as you will be able to paint/sculpt or draw them something unique that will really reflect the love you have for them.

Zen Garden

Everybody loves a tiny garden, and one that they can place on their table or in their home is a great reminder of the wonder and innocence of the imagination, and a zen garden provides an opportunity to take a moment of introspection while raking/arranging the tiny pieces. Let’s face it, no matter who you are, there may be times when you feel irritated with your partner, so having something that can help you to regroup for a moment is really important at times.

His and Hers Bathrobes

The his and hers bathrobes are such a wonderful gift for any newlywed couple and make those cold mornings so much more gentle as they step from the shower to begin their day. Have them embroidered with the name that they share together, or some other symbol that you feel reflects the beauty of their love.

Landscaped Veggie Garden

What better way to share some love than through service to your loved ones in the form of creating something that will bring them joy for many moons. How wonderful would it be to return from your honeymoon to find a garden growing with all the tasty, healthy foods that you love to eat? If the task seems too momentous to complete on your own why not gather some of their other friends and family members to help you make this a reality. You will probably have a lot of fun in the process and the newlyweds will have something to ground them and connect them back to nature whenever they need it.

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Wedding Flowers On The Sunshine Coast

If you are like some brides, then you might have been planning your wedding for years, and have already decided exactly what sort of flowers you will want for your big day. For others this may be on the list of things to do, and making the right choice for you is what is going to count. Here are some things to think about when making the arrangements for the flowers at your wedding.

Bridal Party Flowers

Depending on how many people you have chosen for your bridal party and what the arrangements are, you will need a florist who can cater to all of your Sunshine Coast Wedding Flower needs. Whether you have opted for a formal wedding, with matching outfits and bouquets for the bridesmaids, or a casual ceremony; choosing a flower that can be a motif at your wedding is a great idea, as it ties everyone together nicely. Of course, flowers are not just for the women, but an important part of the men’s attire for the day, with corsages to match their respective partners in the bridal party adding a nice touch.

Native Flowers

Living in Queensland there are a huge number of local, native flowers which can contribute to creating unique bouquets with a difference. Incorporating the native flora is a great way of introducing international visiting guests to the wonderful area that you live.

Decorative Flowers

Decorating the ceremony and reception area with flowers to compliment your bridal party flowers brings that extra sprinkle of freshness and life to the room. Talk to your local florist about their ideas for creating that magical atmosphere for your special day.

Who Is Picking Up The Flowers?

Once you have reached a consensus on your flowers and made the arrangements with the florist, make sure you have someone on the case who is the designated flower person, and enjoy your special day!


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Sensory Floral Arrangements At Our Maroochydore Florist

The Latest In Floral Design

We’re very excited about the many beautiful and sensory floral arrangements that our team in Maroochydore have been creating of late. Here’s an insight into some of the projects we’ve been working on lately.

Our New Shop

Have you visited our new store yet? It’s located at 114 Aerodrome Rd, Maroochydore. Do come in for some floral inspiration, and to see the latest creative project we’re working on – we would love to see you!

Wedding Bouquets

We’ve created some very stunning wedding bouquets of late, (See the pictures in the gallery, above. Or, better yet, have a look at our Facebook page.), and are always keen to create more! Is your wedding on the horizon? We invite you to call us, or visit our store, for a consultation. Meanwhile, you can have a look at this Pinterest gallery for some enchanting ideas on how to style your own wedding bouquet.

Floral Wedding Decor

Complement your wedding bouquet with floral arrangements for your ceremony and reception. We love helping a bride-to-be brainstorm some wonderful and beautiful arrangements that will evoke the feeling you want your wedding to have. For now, there’s plenty of inspiration in this gallery.

Table Settings

There’s nothing quite like an elegant display of flowers to finish off a table setting. How beautiful is the slimline glass trough of white flowers (gallery above). Magnificent, no? We can create a floral arrangement such as this for your next dining event, whether it be for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or corporate gathering.

Visit Us

Our Maroochydore florist showcases unique and sensory arrangements every day, so do pop in whenever you’re in the area. And if you’re not local to the Sunshine Coast? You can allows like us on Facebook, where we are always sharing photos of our latest work, as well the latest news, and sometimes even competitions!

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Valentines Day Florist

Celebrate your love story on Valentine’s Day…

Valentines Florist Sunshine CoastAs a Valentines Day Florist, February 14th is one of our busiest times of the year, as romance, love and flowers become inseparable. i-Blossom is a quality Valentines Day Florist based on the Sunshine Coast, and we are very passionate about the role flowers have on this special day. Flowers represent the true meaning of love and romance for most of us, but particularly on Valentine’s Day. If you only send flowers once a year than make sure you send quality fresh roses and blossoms that make a lasting and impressive statement.

We advise placing your order a few days in advance, to ensure you receive our best quality roses and a timely on-the-day delivery on your requested date. Due to the large number of orders we receive, we cannot guarantee rose and flower availability for orders placed on Valentine’s day.

Remember to mark your calendar, Valentine’s Day 2017 is on Tuesday 14th February

Our Roses Only Collection

Roses are the epitome of romance. Symbolising love, beauty and passion across many cultures, roses are an ideal way of proclaiming your love.

Our Roses Only Collection is extensive, and includes: Designer dozen rose bouquets, boxes & arrangements;

  • Classic single rose gift boxes
  • Masses of roses, 30 roses, 50 roses, 80 roses
  • Coloured roses bouquets
  • Hot pink roses for new love
  • Yellow roses for friendship

The Meaning Of Flowers

There are, of course, other ways of expressing your sentiments. We want to inspire you, so here are some Valentines Day bouquet ideas, and the meaning of the flower in each of them.

White Oriental Lily

White Lilies Delivered Sunshine Coast ~ White Lily Wrap

The white orient lily speaks of beauty, elegance and grace. It’s heady fragrance is enchanting and alluring, and sophisticated, classy women are bound to approve of this choice. Our White Lily Gift Box, White Lillies Bouquet and stylish Bella Signature Pot are all exceptionally beautiful flower arrangements incorporating the White Oriental lily.

Pink Oriental Lily

Pink Lilies Delivered Sunshine Coast ~ Pink Lily Wrap

The pink oriental lily symbolises devotion and a kind of love that is underlined by friendship and innocence. These South American natives make gorgeous, voluptuous arrangements: have a look at our Pink Lily Box and Pink Lily Wrap flower designs ~ they’re rather intoxicating, if we do say so ourselves!

Unique Valentines Day Arrangements

We have dozens of valentines day arrangements to choose from, particulary some signature designs exclusive to i-Blossom. We love how some people really take the time to make Valentine’s Day extra special, so we feel the need to provide you with a unique selection of designs that reflect your love and feelings for one another. Some of our exclusive and romantic flower designs include our Romance Signature Vase, Maisonette Vase, Paris Arrangement and Lotus Rose Dozen Vase.

Paris Arrangement

Remember as your Valentines Day florist, we will happily tailor make an arrangement for your loved one. Call us on 07 5443 1807 if you’d like us to design something unique for your Valentine.

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A Florist In Nambour, Just For You

We’re pleased to deliver fresh, local flowers and gift baskets throughout Nambour and surrounding areas. We’ll deliver your lovely, newly arranged bouquet to whomever it is you want to express thanks, love, sympathy or congratulations to, on any day!

We also deliver to Nambour hospital, so don’t hesitate to wish your loved one better with one of our unique and memorable arrangements.

Call us on 07 5443 1807 to place an order, or discuss your flower ideas and needs. You can also browse our extensive range of flower arrangements and gift baskets, here.

And, for more information on our delivery services, have a look here.

Unique, Memorable Flower Arrangements and Gift Baskets

We have a number of arrangements on offer, and can always make something completely new and exciting for those who’d like this service!

We can create a delightful orange and yellow themed bunch of flowers for your orange and yellow loving best friend. Your co-worker, who loves Australian natives, will love finding a wild, earthy bunch on her desk on Monday morning. Your purple loving daughter will delight in her towering, purple themed bunch. Your son and daughter-in-law will appreciate a baby blue arrangement to congratulate them on the delivery of their first son. And your neighbor will be moved for days on end by the basket of gourmet treats you secretly organised for her as a random act of kindness.

There are a number of ways to make a flower arrangement unique, from the selection of flowers, to colour themes, to, perhaps, some creative additions. Perhaps sequins would add a sparkle? A wild vine, or some feathers may just be that finishing touch? Or, how about some surprise chocolates?

Don’t hesitate to tell us a bit about the recipient! That way we can make some recommendations, for you to choose from, and then we can deliver them flowers they’ll forever remember.


P.S. We’re always sharing our latest creative endeavours on Facebook!

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Buderim Flower Delivery Service

Quality Florist Sunshine Coast

Give simply, life’s moment crafted into flowers

Welcome to i-Blossom florist, that’s right we are a local family owned Sunshine Coast Florist! Let our team personally look after your flower or hamper delivery to Buderim and surrounding Sunshine Coast auburbs. If your order is placed by 2pm Mon-Fri or 12pm Saturday we guarantee same day gift delivery to Buderim. We also provide a prompt hamper and flower delivery service directly to the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital {aka Buderim Private Hospital} to ensure your gift arrives to your family or friends whilst in hospital – phone orders welcome on 07 5443 1807