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It is so amazing how the world has truly become a global village! A beautiful, colourful melting pot, so rich in culture, food and traditions. Here in Australia we are able to experience many of these cultures without having to leave the country.

We are also so spoilt for choice when it comes to such a diverse array of flowers and plants with origins from across the globe.

Each country of course has it’s own national flower, here a few countries and their national flowers.


Japan has 2 national flowers - cherry blossom and the chrysanthemum. The cherry blossom also known as sakura. A beautiful scented, delicate blossom, that blooms for only a short while, signifies the fragile beauty of life. The Cherry Blossom is the national flower of Japan, however the yellow chrysanthemum also called “kiku” has been a symbol of the Japanese royal family for centuries and is celebrated each year during the “Festival of Happiness”.

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The lily-of-the-valley is the national flower for both Finland and Yugoslavia. It has small, nodding sweet-scented bell shaped flowers and glossy green leaves, and is cultivated in the shade. This simple, yet beautiful bloom is a symbol of humility as well as virtues such as chastity and purity and popular as bridal bouquet, even making an appearance at a Royal Wedding, this was the bloom of choice for Princess Kate on her wedding day.

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South Africa

The king protea also known as the giant protea, honeypot or king sugar bush. A beautiful and robust flower that comes in 81 varieties and various shades or red, pink and yellow. Proteas naturally occur in the Southern Hemisphere and due to this it is believed that the protea genus originated on the Gondwana continent before it eventually split, proteas were spread across different continents and countries including Australia, New Zealand and South America.This flower provides a sweet nectar for the sugar bird who also aids in the pollination process. One of South Africa’s national sport is cricket, their national team the “Proteas” are named after their national flower.


The Iris, also known as fleur-de-lis, has been the national flower of France since the 12th century and of course this is where we get the origins of the country’s insignia and national emblem.The origin of this bloom’s name, is from the Greek word for “rainbow,” as it comes in an astounding hue of 200 colours, ranging from white to a beautiful deep purple.

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CONTACT US The next time you would like to send a bouquet. It would be a lovely touch to add their national flower to the arrangement. Or perhaps you would like a national flower incorporated in your bouquet or Wedding Flowers. We can’t promise that we have every national flower of the world available, but feel free to talk to one of our friendly floral team, who will be happy to assist.